DJane Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly arrived in Berlin in 1996, coming from Bahia in Brazil to the verge of Western Europe.
Her DJ career started two years later when she first had the opportunity to DJ for Afoxé Loni, one of the most beautiful and musically sophisticated carnival groups at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. In 2000 she was invited to perform at the festival Heimatklänge at Tempodrom in Berlin. Ever since she has enjoyed immense success, rocking the decks and blowing up dance floors in Berlin and all across the globe.

She has also hosted her own radio show called „Selektor – Brazil Beats“ at the public broadcasting station Radio Multikulti (RBB) for several years, untill the station was closed in 2008.

Veröffentlicht in 2018, Bands und verschlagwortet mit .

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