Programme of the Stage on Hanfparade 2024

The Stage is the centre of the big opening and closing rallies of the Hanfparade, visible and audible from afar. Here, high-ranking politicians and scene representatives present their ideas of a risk-minimising cannabis policy or report on the latest developments in the field of commercial hemp. The programme is livened up by live performances with artists from hip hop, rap, pop, raggae and dancehall, punk, pop to space rock.

The location is: On Spandauer Straße near the Neptunbrunnen, close to Alexanderplatz and within sight of Berlin’s Red City Hall.

After the final rally at Alexanderplatz there will be many after parties in Berlin

Opening rally (Spandauer Straße)

  • 14:50 – Speech for the march off
  • 15:00 – Beginning of the procession

15-18 Uhr Procession through the city with parade trucks

We will comfortably demonstrate through the city and attract the attention of passers-by. The highlights are the Brandenburg Gate, the Bundestag, the main train station and the Federal Ministry of Health on Friedrichstraße.

Final rally (Spandauer Straße)

  • 21:55 – Closing speech
  • 22:00 – End of the march

Video from earlier Hanfparade

To make an impression how Hanfparade may look like, have a look at the archive of Hanfparade.

Stage of the Hanfparade / Bühne der Hanfparade