Hemp crop show – from car production to zip lock hemp bags

Logo des Nutzhanfareals

Hanfparade (Hemp Parade) in Berlin will include a covered area that provides information on the variety of the hemp crop. This “industrial hemp area” will offer selected companies the opportunity to receive thousands of visitors, potential business partners and present themselves before the press. A marquee with booths will provide the appropriate framework for their presentations. Display boards inside intend to share basic information about the crop of hemp to men, women and children. A particular eye-catching hemp fashion show will entertain the audience and help realise the marvel of hemp.

The hemp crop show should help dispel the angst of Cannabis. It will span a bow from the millennia of agricultural hemp use to innovative products. 

The Hanf Museum Berlin and the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) are representative of that, past and future. As regional partner the Hanfparade seeks to attain the Hanf-Faser-Fabrik Uckermark, which can report about two decades of legal hemp cultivation. They process hemp fibres into a multitude of building materials like insulation. The Westfalian company Hanf-Zeit specialising in hemp food stuffs, will offer a hands on experience for the audience, giving them the chance to press their own hemp seed oil. The hemp fibre bioplastics by Tecnaro may be the future. Their Arboform has won the European Inventor Award. Along with the hemp industry showing its positive potential, the Hanfparade wants to show how Cannabis prohibition also has detrimental effects on ‘clear headed’ hemp users and that the prohibition bureaucracy is a hindrance to technical innovation. The complete legalisation of the hemp crop would be a milestone on our way to an ecologically sustainable economy.