Distribute Posters and Flyers

As in previous years, so as many people as possible will be aware of the Hanfparade and come to Berlin, we need your help. Get active, distribute posters and flyers from the Hanfparade! In Berlin, Germany, and everywhere.

You know of head shops, pubs, clubs and other places near you where you can lay out flyers? Are there walls on your way home that need to be embellished with Hanfparade posters? We hereby call upon you, to go out with a bundle of flyers and/or roll of posters, to inform your neighbourhood about the fact that all signs pointing towards legalisation are here.

In our experience the best poster spots are covered over very quickly. Here we suggest something like a partnership. Find poster spots that you see everyday within a high pedestrian usage area. If the Hanfparade poster has been torn down, defaced or pasted over then make sure that the spot will once again be occupied by a Hanfparade poster. This way the information can be constantly available and seep into peoples consciousness up to the first Saturday in August.

Where are the flyers and posters?

Printed flyers and posters are expected to be available from March on.

Partnership with Deutscher Hanf Verband

You can order flyers and posters in “small amounts” from Deutscher Hanfverband Shop. Large amounts, like 5000 Flyers we will send directly from the printer to you!

Self help with printing

The current flyers and posters to self-print are available for downloading on our website. They are also available to pick up for free during regular opening times from the Hanf Museum in Berlin, or have us send you a package. Send us an email to briefly explain where you can distribute the flyers and posters to bring the information to the people and of course an address. Especially if outside of Germany, we kindly ask for a small donation or funding of the postage but this is not a requirement. The packages are neutrally packed and the sender is “Jakis eV, Mühlendamm 5, 10178 Berlin”.

Where will already be distributed?

We take care of the head and grow shops in Berlin and try to cover as many places in the capital as possible, but we can not be everywhere. Everyone is called upon and demand is everywhere. 🙂 Every city is big enough to house many Hanfparade activists, and the more information spread the better.

Lots of mail order companies place a Hanfparade flyer with each package. Any traders who would also like to participate in this should contact us as quickly as possibly!