Donations to Hanfparade

This is the right page if you like to aims of Hanfparade and you want to support the Hanfparade in private.

We need every Euro to make the Hanfparade happen. Right next to the sponsors, donation from people like you and me is equally important to the budget of Hanfparade.

Hanfparade is a political march and is legally held by the inscribed organisation JaKis. The organisation and people inside the organisation working private and volunteer on the Hanfparade.

If you need a note on your donation, please get in Contact! The same for Cash- or material donations.

We warmly welcome your donation!

Bank connection for donations

  • Inhaber: Jakis e.V.
  • IBAN: DE05430609671113587500
  • Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum
  • Country Code: DE

Donate by Paypal

Besides the button you can send donations to

Donate by Crypto:

  • Bitcoin: 166RgMRbKdGqu231MyNLXpFUMGY5NScXhe
  • BitCanna: BShH4WMYDXV9nHiFof8GJxXRvjj16uDc8M

Donate by Brave Browser – BAT – Basic Attention Token

Die Hanfparade ist als Publisher angemeldet. Mithilfe des neuen Webbrowsers Brave, welcher deine Privatsphäre respektieren will, kannst du uns die Tokens BAT senden. Mehr dazu und der Download: