Accommodation during Hanfparade

Over night stays during the Hanfparade

A good nights sleep is necessary before the Hanfparade to be as fresh as possible for the next day and express your opinion!

If any requests or offers for private sleeping arrangements are passed on to us then here is where we will publish them. Furthermore, Berlin has countless good backpacker hostels with rates below 20 €, just search on the net. You can also find private accommodation on the following sites: CouchSurfingBewelcome and Hospitality Club as well as Dachgeber which is one of the the cycle club sites.

Special Offers in Hostels/Hotels

We try to negotiate some great deals for our participants at the hostels and hostels in the vincinity of the demo – stay tuned!

If you would like to offer a sofa, bed or accommodation, please feel free to let us know via the contact page.





Sleep in Hotel

Maybe you can find something to stay here, they have Hotels and Hostels as well. Every Eurocent we get through this partner program will go into the organisation of the next Hanfparade. Your stay in Berlin will help us!