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Hanfparade - Demonstration for the Legalization of Cannabis

"Hanf" is German for "hemp"

The Hanfparade is the traditional and german-wide pro-Cannabis march in Germany. Every year in August we gather for the legalisation of Cannabis as a resource, medicine and recreational drug. There were over 10000 participants from all over Germany and the world at the Hanfparade this year.

Next Hanfparade will happen at 10th of August 2019, 12am @ Alexanderplatz / next to Spandauer Street and Neptun Fountain till 10pm.

Hanfparade is a march and a movement to push ideas on how the legalisation of Cannabis can be done. We fight for the human right to use Cannabis as a resouce, medicine and recreational drug.


„Legalisation only with you!"
is the motto of the 23nd Hanfparade at 10.08.2019

When it comes to cannabis as a raw material, stimulant and medicine, there is a significant information deficit in the population. We want to counteract this effectively, which is why we want to focus this year on education in every aspect of the versatile plant Cannabis .

What we want

To make the plant hemp known and intereseting again in the full range of its uses and to reduce the prejudice and stigmatization, which are still widespread among the german people.

Pushing Hemp for every-day and industrial use

Hemp still suffers from the stigmatic perception of it being a "drug plant". Despite a wide range of promising uses, for example as clothing, building materials or food, hemp is usually associated with the backward misinformation of supposed education campaigns. The Hanfparade 2018 is opposing this misinformations by a large Hemp-as-utility area and a hemp mile with information booths, on which the full application range of this diverse plant will be presented.

Easy access to Cannabis as medicine

Since 2017, health insurance companies in Germany are obliged to pay for medical cannabis treatment. But it remains a time-consuming and exhausting act for the patients in desperate need of therapy to get medical cannabis. We demand a massive reduction in bureaucracy and the right to grow our own medical hemp!

Legalize Cannabis as recreational drug

Cannabis use is less likely to present risks to the individual and society than the use of the legal drugs alcohol and nicotine. Although this was found to be true by the german costitutional court in 1994, Hemp is still heavily regulated and the narcotics act (BTMG) prohibits possession, trade and production of the THC containing varieties, allegedly for the protection of health. However, this protection is ineffective due to the lack of effective black market controlling measures. Consumers are damaged by cutting agents and other contaminants. One aim of the Hanfparade 2018 is therefore to show to as many people as possible that the ban has worse consequences than the consumption itself. Furthermore, effective youth protection can only be achieved through a regulated market.

Education instead prohibition! Legalize now!


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