Sponsors of Hanfparade 2021

Big marches and political demonstrations like Hanfparade are only possible with financial support by persons and companies in the Cannabis business. Our thank you goes to the sponsors, who pay for the Hanfparade’s printing costs, hardware costs, and so on.

In this year it is still possible to be a sponsor! Get into contact with us by eMail info@hanfparade.de alternativly by contact form.

The Hanfparade gives a big “thank you” to:

Platin Förderer:

Sensi Seeds ist Förderer der Hanfparade

Sensi Seeds ist ein Pionier der Cannabisindustrie und die weltweit grösste Saatgutbank

Pionier der Cannabissamenindustrie

Sensi Seeds forscht seit 1985 in der Cannabissamen-Industrie. Heute ist das Unternehmen die weltgrößte Cannabis-Saatgutbank mit über 500 Sorten. Diese Genetik und der Markenname sind in der Cannabis Community bereits echte Klassiker. Die niederländische Regierung wählte Sensi Seeds Genetik, um das medizinische Marihuana für Apotheken zu entwickeln.

Cannabis in das Bewusstsein der Öffentlichkeit rücken

Sensi Seeds erstrebt eine Normalisierung des Cannabisgebrauchs und eine Anerkennung des therapeutischen und industriellen Nutzens von Cannabis. Das führte 1985 das Unternehmen dazu, das erste Cannabis-Museum weltweit zu eröffnen. Das Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum gibt es jetzt in Amsterdam und Barcelona und hat bisher über zwei Millionen Besucher empfangen.

Gemeinsam mit dem Museum veranstaltet Sensi Seeds regelmäßig die Cannabis Culture Awards. Dieser Award zeichnet Persönlichkeiten aus, die sich für die Akzeptanz von Cannabis eingesetzt haben. Unter den Gewinnern befinden sich Sir Richard Branson und der ehemalige Ministerpräsident der Niederlande Dries van Agt.

Sensi Seeds hat im Laufe der Jahre mit einigen der weltweit prominentesten Aktivisten wie Howard Marks und Jack Herer zusammengearbeitet. Hier erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Cannabis-Familie.

Silber Förderer:

MISTER CANNABIS is the CBD store concept and market leader with almost 30 stores for legal cannabis products in Germany. The goal of MISTER CANNABIS is to open the topic of cannabis to the masses with a CBD store concept that is new in Germany. We are not a dark head store, but also not a soulless design store. A visit to us should invite you to browse and inform yourself and, above all, be fun. In a modern and friendly store we offer the wide product range of CBD oils, natural cosmetics, hemp beers and hemp teas, a large selection of cookies, gummy bears and other sweets and nibbles as well as many other exciting products from certified commercial hemp cultivation. In Hamburg, since the opening of our first store in November 2018, we have opened four more stores and nearly 25 partner outlets nationwide. With our broad and high-quality product range, as well as our focus on comprehensive expert advice, we clearly stand out from our competitors. Our franchise partners are prepared with intensive training in our own stores in Hamburg and our partner stores and can access our extensive know-how in numerous video tutorials online in the partner portal at any time. We are planning to open another 20 stores this year and would like to grow to 50 stores by the beginning of 2022 in order to provide customers with nationwide access to high-quality CBD products and products made from commercial hemp.

Black Leaf Grafischer Banner

Near Dark’ is one of the world’s largest trading companies for Smoking Paraphernalia and has been in existence since 1988. The brand ‘Black Leaf‘ was created in the mid 90’s and was Near Dark’s first trademark application. This brand now covers a wide range of smoking products, all of which are in the medium price range. Black Leaf is internationally known and established or copied in many markets. In addition to the BlackLeaf headshop in Hennef (Rhein-Sieg-Kreis), ‘Black Leaf’ has also been available as an online headshop for end consumers since 2012. The Black Leaf Online Headshop not only offers a huge selection of bongs in every size, material and for every application, but also an unrivalled range of accessories. In close cooperation with production partners from all over the world, our design office is constantly developing new products for new trends like dabbing or vaporizing with vaporizers. No European online retailer has more grinders in its range than Black Leaf, although the majority of the grinders in our range are of our own production. For our customers this means: assured quality directly from the manufacturer.

Bronze Sponsor

Barneys Farm Banner

Barney’s Farm startet, when Derry did go to the Himalayas, where he did deepen his knowledge about selective breeding, creation of new varieties and selection for taste, aroma and THC levels.

During his travels, Derry collected a wide selection of rural cannabis seeds. He chose strains from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China to ensure he had the widest selection of strains to work with.His wide selection helped him produce some of the most outstanding strains that became favorites for many people worldwide.

Derry then returned to Amsterdam with the knowledge that he could use his new findings to mass develop commercial strains. Barney’s Farm was born and built its reputation as one of the best seed companies in the world.

As the brand evolved, Derry was determined that the Barney’s Farm brand needed to open up more areas. This resulted in the world-renowned Barney’s Farm coffee shop. It resulted in every premium strain being made available to the general public and was celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. This was when the company gained popularity, especially in the eyes of the cannabis press.

Barney’s Farm is renowned world leader in the production of high quality feminine cannabis seeds. The Barney’s team is always at the forefront of cannabis culture, pushing the industry to produce the biggest and best genetics. The team is constantly looking for the latest and greatest cultivars and will ensure they are made available to the world.

Amsterdam Seed Center Logo

Amsterdam Seed Center was founded in 2011 and aims to be the best place to order cannabis seeds online. All the most popular seed banks under one roof. How much better can we make it? Even better! With over 30 years of experience and more than 40 seed banks offering over 1500 strains under one roof, you are sure to buy the right seeds for your needs.
In addition to high-quality cannabis seeds, you can get a variety of the best vaporizers, CBD products, Sativa® bags, grinders and other smoking accessories, clothing, marijuana books and more… you can order directly from our user-friendly webshop. Amsterdam Seed Center has selected only the best cannabis geneticists. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you with fast and reliable customer service.

Grafik actiTube Filter nimmt den Schad aus dem Stoff

actiTube has been offering all cannabis smokers a pollutant-reducing activated carbon filter for 17 years, which simultaneously improves the taste. Whether in the joint filter, in the pure pipe or in the water pipe, activated carbon noticeably reduces the burden on the respiratory tract without compromising the effect. All actiTube activated carbon filters are filled with the highest quality activated carbon in pellet form and are manufactured in Germany. Thanks to tight calculation and meanwhile high production numbers, these can be offered at fair prices.

actiTube has always consciously refrained from using tracking tools, as well as data collection and sharing via social media.

Original Sensible Seeds showcase the most craved for marijuana genetics on the planet including their flagship strains Bruce Banner # 3 and Gorilla Glue #4. Original Sensible´s passion for the cannabis industry is unparalleled and they will always strive to bring you the best cannabis seeds as they have done for the last 30 years and will continue to do so for many more to come.

Foto von der Hanfparade am Brandenburger Tor in 2015

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