Foto vom Demonstrationszug der Hanfparade durch Berlin mit Blick auf den Berliner Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz

Hanfparade 2021 on August 14th, 2021 in Berlin

The Hanfparade 2021 as a political demonstration with a stage, stands, the big parade with parade trucks through the city center and hopefully many tens of thousands of participants in Berlin is registered and will take place on August 14, 2021.

The German Narcotics Act (Betäubungsmittelgesetz, BtMG), the injustice cast in German legal texts to discriminate against users of cannabis and other mind-altering plants or substances, will turn 50 that year.

50 years of repression – time for a new vision? Or time for more emancipation?
What do you think, and will you be back in the demo in August 2021?

It is not yet foreseeable that there will be a big change in politics by August 2021, cannabis will become legal for adults in Germany and that instead of holding a demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and recreational drug, we can celebrate a Thanksgiving Day. Or a demonstration for even more hemp, although there are promising new developments, such as the norm control application to the Federal Constitutional Court on April 20 this year.

However, we cannot be satisfied with cannabis as a medicine because we are not all sick; we cannot accept pharmacy prices and we cannot accept any kind of half legalization without the right to grow our own plants at home and in Cannabis Social Clubs. We also want to be able to buy professional varieties and the finest hashish imports in specialist shops. And we demand that all criminal proceedings involving cannabis possession or sale be stopped, existing detention and sentence sentences revised and victims of cannabis bans compensated. A professional future is to be secured for breeders and cannabis specialist dealers through support and start-up programs. And the bans on other mind-expanding drugs like mushrooms and LSD, as well as party drugs, need urgent review. In short: the BtMG belongs to the garbage heap of history.

We are eagerly following the developments and look forward to seeing you at the livestream on August 8, 2020 and at the Hanfparade on the streets of Berlin on August 14, 2021!

The opportunity for companies: Become a sponsor

The race for the best sponsorship places now begins almost a year earlier than usual, and this represents a special opportunity for sponsors: whoever gets started and provides financial support for the costs of the stage, promotion, artists, stand setup etc. or becomes partner for an area at the Hanfparade 2021, will be present on our website from now until after the Hanfparade 2021, as well as from the first print on the posters and flyers for the Hanfparade 2021 and of course several times on our social media channels.

All details for sponsors can be found in PDF on our website: Sponsoring the Hanfparade. We will also present our sponsors of the Hanfparade 2021 in the livestream 2020 if they have agreed by then – very proudly, of course. If you are interested in specifically supporting the livestream on August 8, 2020, please contact us by email.

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