Hanfparade 2021 on August 14th, 2021 in Berlin

The Hanfparade 2021 as a political demonstration with a stage, stands, the big parade with parade trucks through the city center and hopefully many tens of thousands of participants in Berlin is registered and will take place on August 14, 2021. The […]

Hanfparade 2020 Poster

The Hanfparade 2020 will be moved to the Internet

In our previous news, we still assumed that the Hanfparade 2020 would take place as planned, but the clearer the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and the time frame of the state of emergency became, the clearer it became to us […]

Donations to Hanfparade

Hier bist du richtig, wenn du die Vorbereitung und Ziele der Hanfparade unterstützen willst, dich aber nicht selbst an der Organisation beteiligen oder als Sponsor auftreten kannst. Wir können jeden Euro für die Durchführung gebrauchen, denn neben den Förderern sind größere und […]

Kleiner Grafikbanner der Hanfmesse Mary Jane

Hanfparade goes Mary Jane Cannabis fair 8-10. June 2018

In the time of 8.-10. June 2018 the third Mary Jane hemp fair will happen at ARENA Trepow – Hanfparade will be there! 200 national and international exhibitors will be represented at Germany’s largest hemp fair “Mary Jane Berlin” with its 6,500 […]

Magazine for Hanfparade

To bring more informations to the people on Hemp, we publish since 2017 the “Hanfparade Magazine”. The Magazine was published 20.000 times and spread all over Germany and the Hanfparade itself. Here you can find the HP 2017 Special Magazine, but we […]

Sponsors of Hanfparade 2020

Big marches and political demonstrations like Hanfparade are only possible with financial support by persons and companies in the Cannabis business. Our thank you goes to the sponsors, who pay for the Hanfparade’s printing costs, hardware costs, and so on. In this […]

What our friends demand

Here we will publish manifest, declarations and more statements from befriended organisations of Hanfparade: akzept e.V. zur Legalisierung VfD zur Legalisierung DHV zur Legalisierung Ein Bleigras-Opfer berichtet Drugchecking jetzt! Die Wiener Erklärung SCM an den Bundestag

Legal notice

The Hanfparade is organised by a group of dedicated individuals and supported from the association JaKiS e.V. (VR 29275 B, Court of Jurisdiction: Charlottenburg). Tax Nr.: 27/669/50894, FA Kö I Berlin and European Tax-Id: DE285186645 Postal Address: Hanfparade c/o Hanf Museum Berlin […]


Essential to the demonstration: our speakers. They inform the public about the uses of Cannabis and our demands. They come from a wide range: from politicans, students, to everyday people and medical cannabis patients.