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The vision of Grünhorn is to create a new understanding of cannabis in an open society!

On this way, we want to make cannabis socially acceptable, promote responsible use and enable safe access.

Our mission, as the largest German provider of prescription cannabis, is a sustainable and safe dispensing of cannabis.

Grünhorn has been distributing therapeutic cannabis via its own online retailer since 2019. In addition to medical prescription cannabis products, our range also includes over-the-counter CBD products, such as oils, serums, gels or drops.

Medical cannabis in the form of cannabis flowers, extracts and capsules.

Cannabis has long been used as a medicinal plant for various conditions, including the treatment of pain. In the short time that cannabis flowers have been marketable in Germany, the range of different medicinal cannabis flowers has multiplied. We at Grünhorn want to offer doctors and patients the widest possible selection of medicinal cannabis flowers from various manufacturers to ensure appropriate therapy and treatment.

Probably the best known form of application is vaporization and inhalation using a vaporizer. From individual medicinal cannabis flowers, we also produce full spectrum extracts, as well as full spectrum capsules for oral administration. These forms of application offer a longer duration of action and are discreet in use. They offer an alternative for patients for whom vaporization and inhalation are not possible. Manufacturing is conducted under strict controls to ensure pharmaceutical quality.

We offer comprehensive pharmaceutical advice on the different varieties and application options.

Hanfparade 2022 Poster Grafik

Press release Hanfparade 2022: For hemp on the street, more important than ever!

This year, the Hanfparade is under a special sign. The jubilation of cannabis friends over the promise of legalization in the coalition agreement has long since faded away. The scene laments the ongoing criminal prosecution and loudly calls for an immediate decriminalization of the stimulant as a temporary solution. But the traffic light continues to arrest around 500 cannabis users every day.

On August 13, there will be a showdown at the Hanfparade, Germany’s largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and stimulant, when the 10,000 participants and activists expected by the organizers respond to responsible top politicians such as the drug policy spokeswoman for the Bundestag faction of Bündnis 90 /Meet the Greens Mrs. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther.

For the first time in the 26-year history of the Hanfparade, the Federal Drugs Commissioner Burkhard Blienert, an acting member of the government, is answering the certainly numerous critical questions. Not an easy walk for the 56-year-old, whom many cannabis friends see as the culprit for the delayed implementation of the coalition promise. In December, Ampel agreed to “legalize the sale of cannabis products to adults in licensed specialty stores”(1). Last fall, Blienert himself promised “decriminalization within the first 100 days”(2). So far nothing has come of it. Much to the displeasure of millions of German consumers.

“We don’t have any jubilant Persians!” Steffen Geyer, chairman of the meeting, made clear. “Our goal isn’t to make the drug officer have a nice afternoon. We want them to feel the injustice of the hemp ban and take their share of the suffering of those affected home with them.”
However, the Hanfparade is not just about confrontation. Among the two dozen speakers are recreational hemp activists, scientists and cannabis patients as well as hemp processors. In addition, six live performances by musicians liven up the program on the stage at the Rotes Rathaus.
Of course, the traditional parade through the center of Berlin should not be missing at a Hanfparade. The hemp-decorated parade floats lead the demo in a circular route from the Red City Hall past the Reichstag and the Federal Ministry of Health back to Alexanderplatz, where Germany’s most important legalization event continues into the evening hours.
And who knows – maybe next year the linnets will have real reason to celebrate and celebrate a lavish hemp festival.

(1) “Dare to make more progress” coalition agreement between SPD, Greens and FDP page 68 https://www.spd.de/fileadmin/dokumente/Koalitionsvertrag/Koalitionsvertrag_2021-2025.pdf
(2) “Cannabis has long been part of everyday life – criminalization must go” Article of the world from October 25th, 2021 https://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article234628562/Legalisierungs-Cannabis-ist-laengst-Teil-des -Everyday-criminalization-must-go.html

Contact details:
Steffen Geyer
Chairman of the meeting/press spokesman for the Hanfparade
Phone +491786594399
Email info@hanfparade.de
Event info:
26th Hanfparade – Hemp is for everyone!
08/13/2022 12-10 p.m. (march 3-6 p.m.)
The Hanfparade is Germany’s largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and luxury food. It has been held once a year in Berlin since 1997.

Hanfparade 2021 Demo flyer graphics

Hanfparade 2021 on August 14th, 2021 in Berlin

The Hanfparade 2021 as a political demonstration with a stage, stands, the big parade with parade trucks through the city center and hopefully many tens of thousands of participants in Berlin is registered and will take place on August 14, 2021.

The German Narcotics Act (Betäubungsmittelgesetz, BtMG), the injustice cast in German legal texts to discriminate against users of cannabis and other mind-altering plants or substances, will turn 50 that year.

50 years of repression – time for a new vision? Or time for more emancipation?
What do you think, and will you be back in the demo in August 2021?

It is not yet foreseeable that there will be a big change in politics by August 2021, cannabis will become legal for adults in Germany and that instead of holding a demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and recreational drug, we can celebrate a Thanksgiving Day. Or a demonstration for even more hemp, although there are promising new developments, such as the norm control application to the Federal Constitutional Court on April 20 this year.

However, we cannot be satisfied with cannabis as a medicine because we are not all sick; we cannot accept pharmacy prices and we cannot accept any kind of half legalization without the right to grow our own plants at home and in Cannabis Social Clubs. We also want to be able to buy professional varieties and the finest hashish imports in specialist shops. And we demand that all criminal proceedings involving cannabis possession or sale be stopped, existing detention and sentence sentences revised and victims of cannabis bans compensated. A professional future is to be secured for breeders and cannabis specialist dealers through support and start-up programs. And the bans on other mind-expanding drugs like mushrooms and LSD, as well as party drugs, need urgent review. In short: the BtMG belongs to the garbage heap of history.

We are eagerly following the developments and look forward to seeing you at the livestream on August 8, 2020 and at the Hanfparade on the streets of Berlin on August 14, 2021!

Hanfparade 2022 Poster Grafik

The Hanfparade 2020 will be moved to the Internet

Hanfparade 2020 Poster

In our previous news, we still assumed that the Hanfparade 2020 would take place as planned, but the clearer the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and the time frame of the state of emergency became, the clearer it became to us as an organizing team that we can not make plans in this uncertain situation. Contracts for stage construction, bands, stands etc. should now be closed and it is still not at all certain whether the Hanfparade as a large demonstration march with parade trucks, opening and closing rally, stage, stands and tens of thousands of participants could really take place this year.

Therefore, the next Hanfparade will take place on Saturday, August 8, 2020 on the Internet. It traditionally starts at 12 noon. The livestream will be shown on our website (www.hanfparade.de).

Just like a “real” Hanfparade, there will be a colorful quality program with speakers, music and information. Though it will not be a march through Berlin, but a march through the Internet. This year, our speakers will not be on a large stage in Berlin, but will speak with live video or prepare a contribution. The participants in this year’s Hanfparade, that is, the stream audience can interact and comment live.

We are aware that this cannot replace a real Hanfparade. That is why we are already planning the Hanfparade 2021 as it should be: as a huge demonstration on the street. More on this soon.

Donations to Hanfparade

This is the right page if you like to aims of Hanfparade and you want to support the Hanfparade in private.

We need every Euro to make the Hanfparade happen. Right next to the sponsors, donation from people like you and me is equally important to the budget of Hanfparade.

Hanfparade is a political march and is legally held by the inscribed organisation JaKis. The organisation and people inside the organisation working private and volunteer on the Hanfparade.

If you need a note on your donation, please get in Contact! The same for Cash- or material donations.

We warmly welcome your donation!

Bank connection for donations

  • Inhaber: Jakis e.V.
  • IBAN: DE05430609671113587500
  • Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum
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Besides the button you can send donations to vorstand@hanfparade.de.

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Kleiner Grafikbanner der Hanfmesse Mary Jane

Hanfparade goes Mary Jane Cannabis fair 8-10. June 2018

In the time of 8.-10. June 2018 the third Mary Jane hemp fair will happen at ARENA Trepow – Hanfparade will be there!
Kleiner Grafikbanner der Hanfmesse Mary Jane

200 national and international exhibitors will be represented at Germany’s largest hemp fair “Mary Jane Berlin” with its 6,500 m² indoor area and 2,000 m² outdoor area. Food stands, live concerts and lectures on therapeutic properties of cannabis complete the fair and give it the character of a festival.

The hemp parade is right in the middle of everything!

There will be candied hemp seeds live, offered for tasting and sale, there will be hemp iced tea for refreshment and you can inform yourself as always about the many uses of hemp. Our stand together with the Hanffaser  Uckermarck for building materials and the Hanf Museum Berlin (Hemp Museum) will be versatile and worth seeing.

You will find us at booth no. 31-2 in the hall.

We look forward to your visit to our booth!


Video from 2017:

Hanfmesse Deutschland - Mary Jane Berlin 2017

Magazine for Hanfparade

To bring more informations to the people on Hemp, we publish since 2017 the “Hanfparade Magazine”. The Magazine was published 10.000 times and spread all over Germany and the Hanfparade itself.

Here you can find the Hanfparade Special Magazine, but we are so sorry: it is in german language only:

Sponsors of Hanfparade 2024

The Hanfparade is only possible thanks to financial support from companies and individuals from the hemp scene. Special thanks to our sponsors who pay for most of the demonstration.

In this year it is still possible to be a sponsor! Get into contact with us by eMail info@hanfparade.de alternativly by contact form.

The Hanfparade gives a big “thank you” to:

Platinum Sponsor

Barneys Farm ist Sponsor der Hanfparade

Gold Sponsors:

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Silver Sponsors:

Logo Grafik des Deutschen Hanfverbands

About Deutscher Hanfverband (German Hemp Assoc.)

The German Hemp Association (DHV) is striving for a legal, consumer-friendly market regulation for the stimulant cannabis – from production to sales under clear youth protection requirements to home cultivation. We want to end the discrimination and persecution of cannabis users. We are also concerned with better conditions for the use of cannabis as medicine.

The DHV was founded in May 2002 by the Soviet Agency (Hanf Journal). There the association was run as an independent department for two years. In October 2004, the Soviet Agency decided to spin off the DHV because it was now able to function independently. Since then, the new owner of the DHV has been the previous managing director Georg Wurth. He now uses his good name to assure that the DHV does not serve personal enrichment, but rather to make progress in hemp policy.

The DHV started as an industry association for companies in the cannabis industry. Since 2006, private supporting members have increasingly been added. Since the beginning of 2020, the DHV has only seen itself as a civil rights movement in the sense of its private members. We have handed over our function as an industry association with services for companies such as consulting, networking and industry-specific lobbying to our partner Cannabis Industry Association. We would like to thank the companies all the more who, even without these services, simply support us for our political work in the interests of legalization.

The political system in Germany is characterized less by direct democracy than by the influence of various lobbyists. The DHV is the logical consequence of this finding.

In order to become even more effective, we need your support!

Bronze sponsors:

Are you interested or have questions about sponsoring? Then get in touch with us!

Foto von der Hanfparade am Brandenburger Tor in 2015

Legal notice

The Hanfparade is organised by a group of dedicated individuals and supported from the association JaKiS e.V. (VR 29275 B, Court of Jurisdiction: Charlottenburg). Tax Nr.: 27/669/50894, FA Kö I Berlin and European Tax-Id: DE285186645

Postal Address:
c/o Hanf Museum Berlin
Muehlendamm 5
10178 Berlin

Donation Account:
IBAN: DE05430609671113587500
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For a bank transfer within Germany:
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Bitcoin: 166RgMRbKdGqu231MyNLXpFUMGY5NScXhe

eMail: info@hanfparade.de

Authority according to §6 MDStV: Martin Steldinger

If you would like to participate in the organisation of Hanfparade or have questions about the event, contact us hereinfo@hanfparade.de or use the contact form.


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