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The vision of Grünhorn is to create a new understanding of cannabis in an open society!

On this way, we want to make cannabis socially acceptable, promote responsible use and enable safe access.

Our mission, as the largest German provider of prescription cannabis, is a sustainable and safe dispensing of cannabis.

Grünhorn has been distributing therapeutic cannabis via its own online retailer since 2019. In addition to medical prescription cannabis products, our range also includes over-the-counter CBD products, such as oils, serums, gels or drops.

Medical cannabis in the form of cannabis flowers, extracts and capsules.

Cannabis has long been used as a medicinal plant for various conditions, including the treatment of pain. In the short time that cannabis flowers have been marketable in Germany, the range of different medicinal cannabis flowers has multiplied. We at Grünhorn want to offer doctors and patients the widest possible selection of medicinal cannabis flowers from various manufacturers to ensure appropriate therapy and treatment.

Probably the best known form of application is vaporization and inhalation using a vaporizer. From individual medicinal cannabis flowers, we also produce full spectrum extracts, as well as full spectrum capsules for oral administration. These forms of application offer a longer duration of action and are discreet in use. They offer an alternative for patients for whom vaporization and inhalation are not possible. Manufacturing is conducted under strict controls to ensure pharmaceutical quality.

We offer comprehensive pharmaceutical advice on the different varieties and application options.

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