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Press release Hanfparade 2022: For hemp on the street, more important than ever!

This year, the Hanfparade is under a special sign. The jubilation of cannabis friends over the promise of legalization in the coalition agreement has long since faded away. The scene laments the ongoing criminal prosecution and loudly calls for an immediate decriminalization of the stimulant as a temporary solution. But the traffic light continues to arrest around 500 cannabis users every day.

On August 13, there will be a showdown at the Hanfparade, Germany’s largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and stimulant, when the 10,000 participants and activists expected by the organizers respond to responsible top politicians such as the drug policy spokeswoman for the Bundestag faction of Bündnis 90 /Meet the Greens Mrs. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther.

For the first time in the 26-year history of the Hanfparade, the Federal Drugs Commissioner Burkhard Blienert, an acting member of the government, is answering the certainly numerous critical questions. Not an easy walk for the 56-year-old, whom many cannabis friends see as the culprit for the delayed implementation of the coalition promise. In December, Ampel agreed to “legalize the sale of cannabis products to adults in licensed specialty stores”(1). Last fall, Blienert himself promised “decriminalization within the first 100 days”(2). So far nothing has come of it. Much to the displeasure of millions of German consumers.

“We don’t have any jubilant Persians!” Steffen Geyer, chairman of the meeting, made clear. “Our goal isn’t to make the drug officer have a nice afternoon. We want them to feel the injustice of the hemp ban and take their share of the suffering of those affected home with them.”
However, the Hanfparade is not just about confrontation. Among the two dozen speakers are recreational hemp activists, scientists and cannabis patients as well as hemp processors. In addition, six live performances by musicians liven up the program on the stage at the Rotes Rathaus.
Of course, the traditional parade through the center of Berlin should not be missing at a Hanfparade. The hemp-decorated parade floats lead the demo in a circular route from the Red City Hall past the Reichstag and the Federal Ministry of Health back to Alexanderplatz, where Germany’s most important legalization event continues into the evening hours.
And who knows – maybe next year the linnets will have real reason to celebrate and celebrate a lavish hemp festival.

(1) “Dare to make more progress” coalition agreement between SPD, Greens and FDP page 68 https://www.spd.de/fileadmin/dokumente/Koalitionsvertrag/Koalitionsvertrag_2021-2025.pdf
(2) “Cannabis has long been part of everyday life – criminalization must go” Article of the world from October 25th, 2021 https://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article234628562/Legalisierungs-Cannabis-ist-laengst-Teil-des -Everyday-criminalization-must-go.html

Contact details:
Steffen Geyer
Chairman of the meeting/press spokesman for the Hanfparade
Phone +491786594399
Email info@hanfparade.de
Event info:
26th Hanfparade – Hemp is for everyone!
08/13/2022 12-10 p.m. (march 3-6 p.m.)
The Hanfparade is Germany’s largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and luxury food. It has been held once a year in Berlin since 1997.

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