Sponsoring the Hanfparade

Sponsoring the Hanfparade

The Hanfparade (Hemp Parade) is the most traditional demonstration for the legalisation of Cannabis in Germany. Since 1997 it has been held annually in Berlin. The organisation behind the Hanfparade is the registered NGO “Jakis” (Jakis e.V.).

A highlight in the traditional parade of floats will be a big final rally. In the heart of Berlin a stage, an area for agricultural hemp, a forum for hemp medicine plus a colourful fair with 100 hemp stalls shall offer an experience for everyone on the diversity of the plant Cannabis.

To get as much rally members as possible, we make posters and flyers and spread them in whole Germany. Also the stage and electricity costs money.. and so on and so on.

The largest chunk of the budget will be covered by scene related enterprises. More details on the planning are presented in the complete in-depth event concept.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in supporting the traditional political cannabis movement in Germany.

With hempy regards
Hanfparade organisation team

Hanfparade Fundraising Team on the fair