Forum for Hemp Medicine – pain relief, lose your fears

The fact that Cannabis is ancient, lacking in side effects, yet a natural medicine which could help many people, has spread into “civic circles”. Even on the hemp question, the otherwise learn resistant Federal Government acknowledged in the light of developments within the U.S., Portugal and many other countries, that Cannabinoids (Cannabis active ingredients) have indicated a wide spectrum of therapeutic value.

The Hanfparade wants to help break down prejudices against medical Cannabis and thus provides a forum that gives everyone the opportunity to discuss with patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies about medicinal purposes.

They will also promote the exchange of experiences and networking of the patients themselves. The forum for hemp medicine is the central point of contact for all questions on the topic. Here are speeches, discussions not least a small “pharmaceutical exhibition” about the drug Cannabis as available in Germany to inform on current research.

Logo des Forums für Hanfmedizin

However, despite clear scientific facts and evidence in the form of countless live, “content” Cannabis patients, hemp is far from receiving the status of being a “perfectly normal” medicinal plant. Whoever wants to use Cannabis as a medicine in Germany, must accept humiliating bureaucratic hurdles and finally have the required finances. The dogma of a drug-free society and fear of “playing down the use of Cannabis” in themselves prevent a rational assessment on the potential of hemp as a remedy.

Without the recent years of binding close friendly relations between organised Cannabis patients, their doctors and Hanfparade the “Forum für Hanfmedizin” (hemp medicine forum) would not be possible.

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