Travel arrangements

someone to the Hanfparade or even organise car sharing? Cars, minibus, group ticket – no matter what, we have created this page for this reason. If you want to offer or to request in public, get in touch with us and we will publish it right here.

This year we meet at Spandauer Straße, next to Alexanderplatz Station or Hackescher Markt Station. Most trains stop at Alexanderplatz. Also there are many parking places at the sides of Alexanderplatz.

Rail Travel

General ….

The weekend ticket “Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket” is still one of the cheapest tickets available: 5 people, 1 day, 37 €. With this ticket you can travel across Germany but you can only take the slower regional trains. Those of you taking the journey from not too far away and travelling in a group can very efficiently combine it with a regional ticket “Länder-Tickets”. These can also be used to travel on a week day and cost e.g. in Brandenburg for 5 people only 27 €. Fast long distance travel in ICE and IC/EC can provide a savings rate “Sparpreis”. Especially in combination with a passenger price reduction on a “BahnCard 25”. These tickets must be booked as early as possible (at least 3 months) before the date of travel! Keep your eyes open for special offers, e.g. as was sometimes the case in some food discount stores and of course directly from the German train company (Deutsche Bahn)!

Group rail travel arrangements can of course be sought and offered through our site. However, it is also possible to search through these travel portals:

Hanfparade connecting europe

Its nice to have an english meeting point at the Hanfparade, but how to get there? We have partnered with Raileurope to give you an good ride:


One of the most ecological way of travelling is the art of thumbing a lift. You do not have any experience with hitchhiking? This site link is a Hitchhikers guide for beginners with a good overview of what is important and where there are good opportunities for getting a lift.

More hitchhiker and car sharing links

If you schedule a little more time it is also a good idea to look at the stations for groups who have some spare places with their tickets.