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Welcome to the Hanfparade-websites!

Hanfparade 2005 Here you will get all information about the Hanfparade in Berlin. If you want to know what will happen on this year's parade or what we intended with this year's slogan, or how you can support our struggle for a wiser and useful usage of hemp as a (medical) resource and for the legalization as a stimulant, then this is the right site.

To always stay informed subscribe to our newsletter here or take a look at our news-section.

Association This section contains all relevant information about the Hanfparade e.V. (e.V.= registered association). It will answer all questions about how we organize this years event, how to become a member, and the association articles.

Donations The Hanfparade is a non-profit-event. So that you can enjoy this "outside-and-for-free"-event we provide a lot of voluntary work. Unfortunately the work alone often is not enough, this is why we need YOUR financial support. In the donations-section you can find out how you can support us financially, what we do with your money, and who has donated to us before.

Press section Here you can find the official press-announcements of the Hanfparade Association and a selection of articles about the Hanfparade which have been published in different newspapers and other media. Or take a look at the official press-pictures.

Earlier Years This is the archive of material about the Hanfparade from 1997 until today. If you are looking for pictures from the Hanfparade1999, for the video of the main stage of Hanfparade2000, or for the program of the Hanfparade 2003 - in our archives you should find it!

About Hemp Our organisation strives for the legalization of hemp as a resource, medical drug, and stimulant. In this section we provide information about campaigns, organizations, and dates which could be interesting in this context.

If you miss information, if you would like to join our association or organization-team, or if you have any further questions about the Hanfparade - write to us or visit the contact-website.